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You can go to the Rainbow Moonstone section of our shop on this website to see the items we currently have up for sale.Moonstone is also an excellent healer for the digestive and reproductive systems, and is useful if you have insomnia.

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Moonstone Properties and Meaning Moonstone is a member of the Silicate family.Moonstone Properties Color: Aptly named Moonstone glows and glistens with shades of white, brown, peach, cream, and pearly gray colors.

Moonstone Crystal Healing Properties Properties of moonstone - this stone are milky and translucent which is believed to have strong connection with the moon.

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Moonstone is a fantastic gemstone to have in your crystal collection.Sunstone and Moonstone together are often used in Solstice rituals, either on the altar of by having the priest wear sunstone and the priestess wearing moonstone, thus representing the balance of power between the physical, psychic and spiritual attributes.

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Rainbow Moonstone Geological Properties Moonstone is a feldspar with a pearly and opalescent schiller.

Chemical and Physical Properties Most of the gemstones have a sharp, shiny appearance, while the rest have a pale soft look.It can also help with balancing our hormones, our emotions and feelings of vulnerability that can arise.Moonstones are a milky colour and shine very brightly, almost as though they are a source of their own light.

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Metaphysical Properties: Moonstone is said to be a stone of love and is believed to aid in self-expression.In addition to the general properties of all Moonstones outlined in this article, the following crystals have additional focuses.

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Moonstone is the fusion of Orthoclase and Albite, created by artifiziell.It is a transparent to opaque oligoclase, a variety of plagioclase albite and sheet mica.It is a very calming stone which helps a lot in soothing the emotions.

It promotes intuition, and releases emotional instability and stress.Moonstones As you turn the stone the flash of color, the mysterious sheen, moves around the gem, appearing and disappearing.

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Moonstone is a popular stone, it is a variety from the orthoclase Feldspar mineral family, Moonstone are characterized by an attractive iridescence under certain light condition, that exhibit a beautiful sheen that resemble the moonlight, this phenomenal is the origin of the stone name and is called by gemologist.Moonstone is a member of the second category of gemstones, with its pale semi-transparent appearance.It comes in both massive and crystalline form, with color ranging from grey to blue.

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As magic is traditionally believed that this stone is firmly connected with the Moon, with the force of its impact increases in the full moon.As far as its healing properties are concerned, the moonstone belongs to the monoclinic family of the healing crystals.

Moonstone (also known as the wishing stone) is a gemstone of medium value.

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By changing how to see things, you would be able to get a good solution.

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The originations for the name of the moonstones can be traced back to the Romans.

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