The oldest brewery in the world

The oldest, still functional, brewery in the world is believed to be the German state-owned Weihenstephan brewery in the city of Freising, Bavaria.If you have ever favored beer with an extra kick, a German brewery founded 2,550 years ago had just the brew for you.

Archeologists leading a recent dig at an Iron Age party site in Germany discovered the remnants of a huge malt-making operation, probably built around 500 B.C., according to a report in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences.

The oldest brew in the world, made - Lords of the Drinks

While it is not the oldest BEER in the world, the oldest brewery in the world might be Weihenstephan It is widely regarded as the oldest brewery in the world.

We know that beer dates to around this time because there are written records of the drink from the ancient Egyptians and ancient Mesopotamian civilizations.

12 Of The Oldest Breweries In The World | BEER & CRAFT

Behemoth breweries dominated sales, with the 50 biggest brewing companies accounting for nearly half of global beer consumption in 2017.

World's Oldest Brewery Discovered in China - Men's Journal

Borepatch: The World's oldest brewery

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In northern Israel archaeologists have found a site discovered which they believe to be the oldest for the production of alcohol in the world.

World’s ‘oldest brewery’ found in cave | Today World News Info

'World's oldest brewery' found in Israel

Twenty years ago, a team of divers came across the wreck of the Sydney Cove.Established in 1040 A.D., Weihenstephan is the oldest brewery in the world, and those centuries of craftsmanship are evident in every drop.

Drink to old times: World's 'oldest brewery' found in Israel

'World's oldest brewery' found in cave in Israel, say

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The Oldest Beer Brewer in the History of the World

Carbon dating and research reveals that the first beer was brewed 7000 years ago.

World's 'oldest brewery' found in cave | Make and Bake

The nearby Weltenburg Abbey brewery, can trace back its beer-brewing tradition to at least 1050 AD.It was founded in 1302 and is now among the 10 largest beer manufacturers in Germany.Last Friday, a week ago, the oldest brewery in Ireland was shut down.This photo shows Canadian craft brewery beers at a liquor store on August 4, 2018 in Montreal.

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Longevity is not the same thing as quality, especially in the beer industry.Ale, a type of beer, is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages produced by the humans.

Researchers Believe They Found the World's Oldest Beer in

One of the best German beers brewed at the oldest beer brewery in the world, Weihenstephan is located in Freising near Munich and is a must visit for every German beer lover.Researchers believe they found the oldest traces of beer in the world in a cave in Israel.The discovery was made while they were studying a burial site for semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers.

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