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The park has three features: the National Prisoner of War Museum, the site of the Andersonville prison, and the Andersonville National Cemetery.The National Prisoner of War Museum commemorates the sacrifices of all American.Owner description: Andersonville National Historic Site pays tribute to all American prisoners of war.Register at Edgewater Historical Society Museum (star on the West Andersonville map below) between Noon and 4:00 p.m. and receive your Tour Booklet and map.

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The National POW Museum and Andersonville Historic Site certainly provide us with lessons from our past to use for our future.Atwater had been a prisoner at Andersonville and had been paroled to work in the hospital, where he diligently maintained a copy of the death records.

Known for its large Swedish population, Andersonville is home to the Swedish American Museum and a number of delicious Swedish restaurants.The Civil War Village of Andersonville along with Andersonville Natonal Historic Site which houses the National P.O.W. Museum. Located in Southwest Georgia on Georgia highway 49 between the Towns of Americus and Oglethorpe, Andersonville is approximately 21 miles northeast of Plains, Georgia.Those interested in the hike should request a questionnaire at the information desk of the National Prisoner of War Museum.American Civil War Confederate Prisoner of War Camp in Andersonville, Georgia.Former prisoners of war partnered with the Andersonville National Historic Site to create and develop the National Prisoner of War Museum, the only museum solely dedicated to interpreting the American prisoner of war experience.

My husband 3x grandfather was CSA under Alabama and was captured never to return home.On Saturday, November 11, Andersonville National Historic Site will open the historic Civil War prison site and the.This courtyard is behind the National Prisoner of War museum at Andersonville.

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Andersonville National Historic Site is located 10 miles south of Oglethorpe, GA and 10 miles northeast of Americus, GA on Georgia Highway 49.The long lines of headstones and military monuments are disturbed only by the sound of wind rattling flagpole halyards and the whispers of those who have come to.The courtyard, which contains a meandering stream, recalls the water themes common to many POW experiences, and a brick and bronze sculpture.

By the end of that year, the new park had a sandbox and a playfield that could be flooded for ice skating.The site consists of the Andersonville Prison (Camp Sumter), the Andersonville National Cemetery, and the National POW Museum.

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Occupying the grounds of the notorious Camp Sumter, a primary Confederate prison camp during the Civil War, Andersonville National Historic Site and National Prisoner of War Museum memorializes the horrific conditions of the soldiers held here.The National Prisoner of War Museum is a major feature of the park, as is the site of the Confederate military prison officially known as Camp Sumter.

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The hike begins in the National Prisoner of War Museum, continues outside through the historic prison site, into the town of Andersonville and ends in Andersonville National Cemetery.A fairly small, one room museum hosted by a really charming southern lady.There are also many rooms of exhibits chronicling the places and.

Andersonville National Historic Site is part of the National Parks Service (NPS).Experience the National Prisoner of War Museum and the historic prison site after dark in our new Night Museum Program.

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The National Prisoner of War Museum at Andersonville National Historic Site honors all American prisoners of war.Andersonville National Historic Site in Georgia tells the story of all American prisoners of war.Excellently set out, excellent descriptions and a fabulous diorama of the civil war prison camp.Howell enlisted as a surgeon in the Confederate Army in April 1862 and served until the end of the war.

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